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Well this blog is off to a great start – I managed to spend five whole minutes working on my first real post before getting completely sidetracked and forgetting what I’d planned to say (but at least I got my washing done). Unfortunately this is a frequent occurrence for me because I have a phenomenally short attention span (we haven’t ruled out ADHD just yet) and I tend to multi-task just a little bit too much…

So, I decided that rather than wait until I remember the point I was trying to make in Confession #1: My ulterior motive, I should just move onto Confession #2 instead and explain that – for obvious reasons – the majority of my posts will be short.

And, yes, I do realise that I could’ve just renumbered this post but that’s not how I do things ­čśŤ



Posted: July 20, 2011 in Fantastic Ideas

Yay I’ve started a blog! Which, on my very long list of things to do today was number…. oops.
Ohhh, I can already see this is going to be very good for my productivity….