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Ok, so technically this isn’t a photo, but I still think it’s appropriate for this week’s challenge because in this blank page I see endless possibilities – the possibility for a fantastic novel, or for the (seemingly inevitable) crippling writer’s block that strikes whenever I actually have the time to write. Which is not very often these days.

I might blog about this soon but just in case you don’t hear from me for a little while, these are my current excuses:

  1. I have several major assignments due for Uni
  2. I am in the process of moving house
  3. Lil Miss Awesome is turning 1 in a few weeks so I have her very first birthday party to plan
  4. My mother-in-law is coming up from interstate to stay with us for said birthday party

And, of course, all of these things are happening at the same time – and during a period where Lil Miss Awesome has decided that sleeping is a waste of time! They say if you want something done, you should give it to a busy woman, but, if you want it done right you should probably give it to a well-rested busy woman who isn’t notorious for procrastination and being easily distracted…


It seems to me that babies are experts at making themselves comfortable, so for this week’s photo challenge I decided to let Lil Miss Awesome demonstrate “Comfort.” I couldn’t stop at just one photo, though, because she’s just too cute!


I can’t say that I was very inspired by this week’s photo challenge theme of “Fall”. For a start, if we’re talking seasons, then in Australia we call it “autumn” and it won’t be here for months, so I couldn’t just go outside and start taking new photos. Then there’s the fact that I’ve been busy with Uni assignments this week so I haven’t had time to put my own spin on the theme and take some creative “Fall” photos the way I’d usually try to (I was thinking something along the lines of “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall…”). So, anyway, just so that I could contribute something to the challenge this week, I had a look through my collection and found this photo that I took in autumn last year.

Get that camera outta my face.

To be honest I was a bit stuck with this week’s photo challenge. I don’t have a collection of ‘face’ photos to choose from the way I did with ‘textures’ and I’m a bit swamped with Uni at the moment so I don’t have a lot of time to spare (that’s also why it’s been a while since my last confession). Then my fantastic idea of photographing the “many faces of Lil Miss Awesome” fizzled out when she decided she’s feeling a little bit camera-shy today. Luckily, Danger Dog came to the rescue. He’s always happy to strike a pose and I think he’s very photogenic – just look at that cheeky little grin!

Danger Dog: Master of Camouflage

Oh, and just in case anybody’s wondering, Confession #4 is on its way (hopefully in the next few days). Really, I swear.


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After checking my site stats for the last couple of days, it seems that my photography is vastly more popular than my writing…so maybe I should think about turning my ‘long-awaited-novel’ into a ‘long-awaited-photo-book’ instead…

Hmmm. Anyway, for the moment I think I’ll just stick to what I do best and just use the Weekly Photo Challenge as an excuse to avoid studying 😛

I absolutely love textures so I couldn’t resist taking part in this week’s Daily Post photo challenge! Every time I take my camera out I end up adding a few dozen new textures to my collection because as far as I’m concerned you can never have enough pictures of sand. Or stone. Or rust. I also have a collection of different skies – cloudless skies, blue skies with wispy clouds, storm clouds… alright, I’ve already established that I’m just a little bit strange so I’m not going to make any apologies for it now. Anyway, these are a few of my favourite textures, I hope you like them!