The Confessional

So here’s the Plan…

Every week (or possibly fortnight, I haven’t really decided yet) I am going to confess my ‘procrastinating sins’. My theory is that if I keep a record of all the things that I end up doing to avoid what I’m actually supposed to be doing, then maybe I’ll have a shot at finding a ‘cure’. You see, I don’t just put off doing things that are difficult…or boring…or that I just plain hate doing – I’m pretty sure most people try to avoid those things if they can help it and it really doesn’t take a genius to understand why. No, the weird thing about me is that most of the time it’s the difficult or boring or hateful things that end up distracting me from whatever it is that I’m actually supposed to be doing at the time! Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment. Or maybe I just have ADHD. Who knows? In any case, at least this blog will give me one more thing to waste my time on for a little while.

Disclaimer: This Plan is subject to drastic change at any time without a moment’s notice. The Procrastinator will not be held responsible for any emotional distress or disappointment suffered by readers as a result of a ‘change of plan.’ The Procrastinator makes no guarantees about the reliability, creativity, readability or accuracy of posts so don’t get your hopes up. The Procrastinator admits to a tendency to invent words so any reliance you place on blog content is therefore strictly at your own risk. In short, don’t blame me it’s not my fault. 


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